Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Birds

An obvious favorite of mine is the cardinal. I especially love to see them in the snow, when the male's bright red plumage shows up so beautifully against the snow! According to Wikipedia, the Northern Cardinal does not migrate, but is a full-time resident wherever he lives (Southern Canada to Texas, East Coast), except for extreme temperatures. However, I see more cardinals (in the South) in the winter, and rarely, if ever, in the summer. Maybe Georgia's summers are too extreme for the Northern Cardinal.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just starting out...

I want to know all about birds - one of the most beautiful and graceful creatures God made!! I haven't come up with a definite format yet - I want to observe the birds I see and hear, where I saw them and when (time of day, time of year), and I also want to know more about birds that I will probably never see here in North Georgia, so part of my plan is to research some of my favorite species, and hopefully discover more that I didn't even know about! There is one particular bird that I want so much to know more about; this is the most beautiful songbird I have ever heard. He seems to like places out in the woods, away from lots of people (I rarely hear him in neighborhoods), and he only sings early in the morning and at twilight, in the summertime. His song is so beautifully melancholy! And I don't even know what kind of bird makes it! He warbles five different pitches, and the last one is usually a trill.
So starting out, I will make entries as I observe birds around me, and I will also make entries, as I have time, on my research on birds I am particularly interested in.